Bougainvillea Combined two different plants growing in the same pot


Item details

  • Handmade item
  • Made to order
  • Bougainvillea white and violet is a unique and rare plant
  • This is a live plant 5″-8″ tall 3.5 inch pot
  • Comes in a 3.5 inch pot
  • This is a starter plant That will grow into a beautiful queen
  • Very resilient plant and resistant to water shortage
  • Plant is available 1 to 4 days delivery


Plant Care

  • Water once a day
  • Add fertilizer
  • Very important direct sunlight at least a few hours a day
  • These are young plants so extra care is advised
  • Please be very gentle with roots when transplanting the plant to another pot
  • I try my best in sending quality products and all plants are inspected and trim before sending .


  • It usually takes 24 hours since the order was place to shipped product .
  • I do my best to protect against adverse weather but clients should take into account local weather .

Returns or Replacements

I guaranteed the product should arrived in good condition if not take a photo and I will replace the product at my cost . Some plants will be blooming but sometimes they are not . Returns or refunds are not allow because plants are not meant to be kept in a box for a week or two . They will survive 4 to 7 days in one trip but not two weeks without light or water plus packaging the plants is very tricky .


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